Sensei Mullen: 5th Degree Black Belt, UFC & K-1 Judge and Director of the Tennessee Athletic Commission

Sensei Mullen has been training martial artists for over 35 years.

Bill “Superfoot” Wallace was his primary Karate instructor and he received his 2nd degree Black Belt from Bill. He received his 5th degree from Karate legend Joe Lewis.  Sensei Mullen has a Black Belt in Aikdo, a Brown Belt in Judo, and a Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu from Royce Gracie.





  • Former director of the Tennessee Athletic Commission.
  • Stablemate and daily sparring partner of World Champions Anthony “Amp” Elmore and Tony “The Tiger” Rosser.
  • Served as trainer for Anthony Elmore and chief second for Tony Rosser.
  • TriState Amateur Kickboxing Champion
  • Professional Kickboxer.
  • Judged more UFC events from 1996-2008 than any other judge. Mullen has also judged K-1 and Chuck Norris World Combat League.
  • Quinton “Rampage” Jackson’s first MMA trainer.
  • Trained UFC Fighters Alan Belcher and Danny Abbadi early in their careers.
  • Served as trainer for many prominent Memphis fighters including: Rampage Jackson, Anthony Elmore, Alan Belcher, Dino Butler, Mike Smith, Jonathan Border, Darell Baker, Danny Abbadi, Chris Hawk, Randy Fields, Bill Collins, Will Whitlow, Matt Thomas, Montreal Grant, Brian Gurley, Steve Carter and Big Buff Brown.
  • Taught local Memphis Instructors: Jonathan Border, Marshall Porter, Will Whitlow, Bill Collins, Donnie Cook, Donnie Woods, Jason Turnage and Marshall Brown.
  • Taught the first Brazilian Jiujitsu class and sponsored the first Brazilian Jiujitsu Seminar in the Memphis area.
  • Promoted the first grappling tournament in the area.
  • Promoted the first amateur MMA event in the area.